The Virtual Exhibit Booth

High Quality Graphics

Each exhibit consists of four high-resolution exhibit panels. Each panel has a graphic template that can be used to apply your own design.

You can ask your exhibitor to send their exhibit graphics to you. Or you can send the templates to your exhibiors and they send them to you to apply to their exhibit.

GoExhibit offers packages that can help with exhibits designs. The learning curve to design the exhibit panels is short. But the Optimal and Ultimate packages include the the grapic design of multiple exhibits to get you started quicker.

Exhibitor Chat

Attendees and exhibitors can chat at each exhibit in real-time.

I like the exhibits

The auditorium is open at all times. The designated video begins to play the second you walk into the room. You can walk through the aisles and find the perfect spot to watch. Videos can range from short product demonstrations to full-length presentations.

When the video is over or you're ready to head back to the exhibit hall, just walk out of the auditorium.

video types
  • Product Demos
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Instructors
  • Sponsors
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