Virtual Exhibit Hall Images

 Mobile App
Vendor Posters

Vendor and Sponsor Posters can be viewed on any wall in the Virtual Exhibit Hall.

Custom 4-Panel Graphics

Each Virtual Exhibit Hall exhibit includes four high-resolution images.

 Booth Design
Wall Video

Videos begin to play when attendees walk close.

Location, Location, Location

Move and Rotate Virtual Exhibit Hall exhibits anywhere within the Virtual Exhibit Hall.

 Mobile App

You can showcase custom artwork on any wall.

 Mobile App
Video Screens

Videos play when an attendee is close to the video player.

Panel Information

As an attendee moves in closer to exhibit panels, the information window will appear.

 Booth Design
Auditorium Entrance

Showcase the current or upcoming auditorium videos.

Virtual Booth Design

Showcase Vendor and Sponsor videos in the auditorium.